Duties Of The Schutzenfest Coordinator

Prior To The Event

  1. Contact the appropriate hosting event for the season (late Winter/Spring or late Summer/Autumn) and ask if they are willing to sponsor the Schutzenfest again. If so, get the location and date and any other relevant information. If the previous hosting event will not be able to sponsor the shoot, start the search for a large archery event occurring at or near the appropriate time of year. Approximately 6 months from the last Schutzenfest and, if possible, centrally located.
  2. Be aware that it is up to the sponsoring group’s Marshal In Charge to create the targets, rules, and score sheets for the event, and it is not the responsibility of the Schutzenfest Coordinator! Remind the person in charge that we’ll require the scores for the main shoot to be used to determine the winners and we’ll need to know who was shooting a crossbow, who was shooting a hand bow, and who was shooting an SCA period hand bow. Ask them to mention the Schutzenfest on their event announcement including a link or the address of the Schutzenfest web page. Ask them to also post the equipment requirements for the SCA period hand bow division. Currently this is a hand bow made of SCA period materials with no cut in shelf, and arrows made of SCA period materials with no modern plastic nocks. If clarification is required, consult the Kingdom Archery Marshal. This information should match the requirements listed on the Schutzenfest web page.
  3. Prior to the event, place ads for the Schutzenfest on the various Midrealm archery discussions.
  4. Approximately 2 months prior to the event, contact the current Schutzenkonigs and ask if they will be attending. If not, arrange to have the popinjay chain returned to you prior to the event. If they mail it, send me their contact information and the cost of postage. I'll send them a money order to cover the cost of the return postage.
    James Koch c/o Alchem Inc. / 314 East 195th St / Euclid, Ohio 44119

The Event

  1. Take the chain(s) if you have them, a good camera, and Never Dull or similar brass cleaning compound and a buffing rag.
  2. At the event clean and polish the popinjay chains and display them at the check in table or some other good spot. If the holder wants to wear theirs after cleaning, that is fine.
  3. Once the new winners have been determined, have someone from Greenwood award the prizes, photograph the winners, and get the winners contact information for the next Schutzenfest. Additionally, if one or both of the winners are members of the Greenwood Company, you may want to also call up the 2nd place winners and/or the highest scoring non Hoods and acknowledge them and possibly present them with a prize. This is entirely up to you, and you will have to source the prizes.

After The Event

  1. Send the photos of the winner and a write up of the shoot to me at Alchem@en.com and to the web minister for the Greenwood web page. I need to know the winners since I need to provide them with a hat and a popinjay pin.
  2. If you will not be coordinating the following Schutzenfest, find a volunteer from the Greenwood Company willing to undertake the task. Once that person has been found, assure they have access to this list of tasks and understand all that is required of them. Also, provide them with the contact information for the current Schutzenkonigs.
James Koch “Gladius”

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